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  I grew up in my family’s creative world, and the “Tappezziere Albani Luigi” was founded by my parents in 1964. I graduated in interior design and soft furnishings at the Italian School of Art Andrea Fantoni in Bergamo. In the following years I specialized in different techniques in the manufacture processes, as well as finishing touches and the art of personalization. In 2004 I became the business manager of the family company.
Custom- made soft furnishings, bedspreads, pillows and pillow cases, table cloths and custom-made table covers, sofas and armchairs, lamp covers and carpets are some of our hand-crafted products which we make in accordance with our customer’s requests. Every creation is synonymous with excellence, high quality and durability, incorporating both new and traditional tendencies. The bond between personalized and exclusive hand-crafted products allows us to create a world of elegance and exclusivity.
Looking always towards the future without forgetting the past, the concept of “interior uniqueness” is our firm’s philosophy.
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  Michela Albani Tappezziere Albani Luigi
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