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  I am an architect, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture. Being interested in sustainable planning I specialized in healthy design as in lighting design, and in the Masters curriculum: “Bio-ecological Architecture” and “Lighting Design and Planning”.
The main features of my designs are unconventional building construction, application of alternative energy, insertion of green spaces in building, innovative systems for rainwater, particular employment of light and water and the relationship between the interior and exterior design with the building and the green area around.
I have been working as Project Architect for different architectural firms, but since 2009 I have been steadily cooperating with Oikos architectural studio, which have also set up the PH5e5 team with its Milan partner BBM.
Here I have found a professional team with great group motivation towards a higher specialization and cooperation in satisfying all the customer’s requests. Our designs are able to have man, sustainability, environment, social and economic aspects as a fulcrum.
The passion we have in planning allows us to design and build daily with conscience, increasing the quality of life.
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  Claudia Albani Studio Associato Oikos
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