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Studio Associato Oikos, Albani Claudia, Rovetta   L'Artista del verde, Albani Maurizio, Clusone   Tappezziere Albani Luigi, Albani Michela, Clusone
  Albani & Co. iconsists of a qualified and efficient team of professionals, made up of architects, draughts men, designers and craftsmen, who believe in “High Quality” as its operational philosophy. This qualified team cooperate daily, interacting and creating projects on a wide scale, paying close attention to every little detail. Our aim is to satisfy the customer’s requests, incorporating new solutions, respect for nature and environmental sustainability.

Private houses or housing estates, every kind of accommodation and facilities; external urban spaces, public or private green areas, interior designs, furniture, décor and lighting are our areas of expertise. Quality, refinement, elegance and value are the Albani & Co. guidelines.

Big or small projects, our architects, draughts men, designers and craftsmen guarantee excellent design, creativity and workmanship.
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architecture, counseling
and environmental

Rovetta BG - ITALY
Tel. 0346.74264
realization and
maintenance gardens

Clusone BG - ITALY
Tel. 347.7467910
curtains and fabrics

Clusone BG - ITALY
Tel. 0346.21547
  From Reality to the Idea…..travelling back in the process of the realization of your wishes