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  I am a chartered accountant but after working for 10 years in a bank I realized that it was not for me. After long reflection, at the beginning of 2000, I began studying at the Agrarian School by Monza Park.
On 1st March 2004 I was able to start my dream company L’Artista del Verde,working with the green, trees, flowers, light and sun. I continue to pursue my educational path, always improving my knowledge, methods and external designs. Cooperation and comparison with other professionals in the field is always important.
I would like to disseminate the green culture. A park, a garden, a small or big, public or private green space must give out sensations, emotions and feelings to those that live there. Trees, flowers, outdoor furniture and their materials must all interact harmoniously together to allow a better environment and quality of life. This is the focus of my professional planning.
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  Maurizio Albani L'Artista del verde
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